Blind Memories

Losing my heart, losing my soul
Emptiness behind, walk through the door
Find my secret, and kill my dreams
Shamelessly, impudently, destroy my things

Grounded in our heavenly place
Protected from the disturbance
Of this hostile world
Living together for life

I'm torn from the inside, dominated by fear
Wishing to reappear
I wait for the call of the storm
To escape from this hole

Faked, desecration, uncovered deception
Blind memories
This story will forever be a mystery

Faked, desecration, uncovered domination
Blind memories
You scarred my soul, now stand up and fight

Waltz on a melody, and watch reality
Unable to be aware of the imminent tragedy
Trapped, clueless, not knowing what to do
Breaking down, in disbelief