Outlying is:

JD Poirier -- bass
Fred A. Dubeau -- guitars/vocals
Martin Reithler -- drums

            Hailing from a rural industrial area called Bécancour, in Québec, Canada, the first incarnation of the band, before becoming what it is today, was formed by three kids at the local high school who wanted to rock out and play some cover songs by their favourite bands. Back in these days, in 2004, the band wrote a couple of original songs, then the project fell apart since no one was getting involved in pushing things forward as they were busy with other projects.
            In 2007, the guys reunited, decided to get serious with the band, wrote more songs, called themselves "Outlying", and started to record the "Within The Jail Of The Unfortunate" EP. As low-budget as you can get, the record was made on a laptop and very cheap gear at the group's rehearsal place, and was engineered, mixed and mastered by Fred A. Dubeau. Two of the members quit the band before the recording was released, leaving Fred as the only original member remaining in Outlying to this day. The EP was self-released in the end of 2008 by the band, and promoted with the internet and by playing live at some local gigs. Suprisingly, the record created a buzz significant enough to draw attention by some fans in Québec and to get reviewed by major webzines in the province.
            After even more line-up changes happening, personal struggles, and trying to get enough funds to properly support the project, Fred A. Dubeau started to write new songs for the band's first album. The band teamed up with session drummer Steve DeCotret to record drum parts and to play live with the group. Dany Lachance joined Outlying as full-time member. Once again, the record was entirely made from scratch by Fred, who wrote songs and lyrics, and handled all production tasks required to create the final product.
            "Scars Of Daylight" is an album that defines Outlying's sound and personality. The music is mainly influenced by the European death/black metal scene, as well as very diverse influences such as Hollywood classical film scores, prog-rock, 80's and 90's mainstream rock and old-school Bay Area thrash. "Scars Of Daylight" is a semi-concept album that deals with a wide range of social concerns and personal issues, connecting the dots, and portraying the twisted journey of a modern individual through various life-changing events. Live performances are where everything happens, and the band is determined to be very active and to get its brand of metal heard by the most people as possible.